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1. AC DC - Back in Black
3. AC⁄DC - Touch To Much
4. Alle Farben - Bad Ideas
5. Arilena Ara - Nëntori (Bess Remix)
6. Artik pres. Asti - Никому не отдам
7. Ben Delay - I Never Felt so Right (Club Mix)
8. Bob Marley - Three Little Birds
9. Brandon Flowers - Can't Deny My Love
10. Burak Yeter feat. Danelle Sandoval - Tuesday
11. D.idJ - DoIt
12. Deadpool Rap - Sexy Motherfucker
13. Ellie Goulding - Lights
14. Ellie Goulding - Little Dreams
15. Eminem - Ass Like That
16. Estradarada - Вите Надо Выйти
17. Example - Changed The Way You Kiss Me
18. Gutter Brothers - Bitch (Original Mix)
19. IOWA - Нам же нравится одно и тоже (2014)
20. Innerpartysystem - American Trash
21. Jah Khalib feat. Кравц - Do It
22. Justin Timberlake - My Love (feat. T.I.)
23. Kadebostany - Teddy Bear (Astero Remix)
24. Lana Del Rey - Serial Killer
25. Lana Del Rey - Serial Killer (K Theory Remix)
26. M83 - Oblivion
27. METAHESH - Better Than Sex
28. Mapei - Don't Wait
29. Misha Daniels - Run Away (Deep Mix)
30. Moonbeam & Indifferent Guy Eva Pavlova - Follow Me
31. Mos Def And Massive Attack - I Against I
32. Nero - Satisfy (Original Mix)
33. No Limits, Jovan Wilder - Slow Down
34. Oh Wonder - Shark (Illenium Remix)
35. Queen - I Want To Break Free
36. Radio Record - РОДРИГЕС ТИМУР
37. Shakira - Waka Waka (Time for Africa)
38. Snakehips & MØ - Don't Leave
39. The Black Eyed Peas - Meet Me Halfway
40. The Prodigy - Girls
41. The Rolling Stones - God Gave Me Everything
42. The Weeknd ft. Daft Punk - Starboy
43. Vitalic - Poison Lips
44. Wiz Khalifa - Work Hard, Play Hard
45. Баста - Голос (feat. Полина Гагарина)
46. Батишта и Ромади - Формула любви
47. Би - 2 & Чичерина
48. Градусы - Радио дождь
49. Елка - Грею счастье внутри
50. Иван Дорн - Ты всегда в плюсе
51. Каста - Радиосигналы
52. Кравц - Море
53. Марсу Нужны Любовники - Ветер сдувает с крыш
54. Марсу Нужны Любовники - Дальневосток
55. Марсу Нужны Любовники - Её глаза
56. Марсу Нужны Любовники - Застелю Цветами
57. Марсу Нужны Любовники - Скользим
58. Михаил Озеров & Ирина Обрезкова - Лава
59. Моя Мишель - Настя
60. ПИЦЦА & L'One - Мир
61. Пика - Патимейкер
62. Пицца - Романс

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  1. c20218aefabab715e52e5572f63f9fbb.jpg 59804931f13c81a9fc8e8020f5f14238.jpg 5602f56deb9a95b3e7ae80a270f4317e.jpg
    Straw Bale Gardens Complete"Are you ready to learn about a transformative garden technology that could change your life - for less than $100?" - New York Times
    Take your straw bale gardening to the next level - in more places, with new products, and even, sometimes, skipping the straw!

    The reception and enthusiasm for straw bale gardening, introduced in 2013, has proved revolutionary in vegetable growing. Why? Because the bold promises in the book are kept: grow vegetables anywhere, earlier in the year, with no weeding. Gardeners everywhere are excited. Straw bale gardening works! In just the short amount of time that has passed, the gardening world and Joel Karsten himself have learned even more about how to apply this method in just about any environment: on a city balcony, in a rocky outpost, in a desert, and even in the tundra of Alaska.
    Straw Bale Gardens Complete contains all of the original information that has set the gardening world on fire. But it also goes much deeper, with nearly 50 pages of all-new advice and photos on subjects such as growing in a tight urban setting, making your straw bale garden completely organic, and using new fertilizers and conditioning products. There is even information on using straw bale techniques to grow veggies in other organic media for anyone who has a hard time finding straw.
    Fans of Straw Bale Gardens will not want to miss adding Straw Bale Gardens Complete to their gardening library. There is, literally, nothing else like it!
    Стоимость 16.99$
    Straw Bale Gardening for Beginners: How to Grow Vegetables and Herbs without any DiggingStraw Bale Gardening for Beginners: How to Grow Vegetables and Herbs without any DiggingLooking to try straw bale gardening but not sure that it’s the right solution for you? When I began looking into straw bale gardening, I had a lot of questions about the techniques used in this type of gardening. Would vegetables and herbs really grow in straw? Is straw bale gardening as easy as it sounds? We usually think of gardening as planting seeds directly in the ground, then weeding them carefully all throughout the growing season. When we tell someone we’re about to start a garden, the likely response is “Wow, that’s a lot of work!” I was fascinated by the idea that it might be possible to grow lots of vegetables at home, save money on groceries, and not do much work at all while meeting my goals, so I started growing things in straw bales. Some things grew well, while others did not. Along the way, I learned how to make simple straw bales produce a bumper crop of vegetables. If you’re interested in growing food but don’t want to waste time digging or weeding, this method is for you.Learn how to turn humble straw bales, a little soil, and some tiny plants into an abundant garden that’s easy to care for. Also, you’ll discover.. Which vegetables grow best in straw bales Simple methods for dealing with common garden pests and plant diseases Easy, step-by-step instructions for getting started And much more! Table of ContentsWhy Use Bales? Ten Amazing Benefits of Gardening with Straw Grow a garden just about anywhere, access your plants easily, conserve water, and enjoy other benefits with simple straw bales. What to Grow? Try these Favorites Discover the top vegetables to grow in straw bales, and learn about other plants that flourish in this growing medium. Planning the Perfect Straw Bale Garden Avoid pitfalls, set yourself up for success, and make your garden a great place to be. Blood Meal, Coffee, and More: Recipes for Cooking your Straw Bales Conditioning bales isn’t difficult, but following tried and true procedures ensures you get outstanding results. Planting for Maximum Productivity Choose the right plants for your zone, plan for weather anomalies, and fertilize the right way. Maintain your Garden in Five Minutes per Day Water, check your plants, and look after their health. A little attention each day ensures you expend very little effort. Pest Control Made Simple Garden pests don’t bother straw bale gardens the way they do traditional gardens, but they can sometimes cause problems. Here are simple solutions for dealing with them. Treating Common Plant Problems the Easy Way Common plant diseases can kill your plants. Knowing what to look for and dealing with problems immediately is the best way to avert a disaster. Make the Most of Your Harvest Some plants will keep producing if you harvest them attentively. Others should be harvested once, at the peak of production. These techniques help you get the most from your straw bale garden. Get Ready for Next Year: Composting Simplified Collapsing straw bales are a valuable resource. Learn how to make the most of them.
    Стоимость 11.69$
    Straw Bale Gardening: No-Dig Gardens Growing Vegetables With Straw BalesGROWING VEGETABLES IS DIFFICULT, DIRTY, HARD WORK, AND EXPENSIVE - NOT ANY MORE IT'S NOT!!
    As someone who is excited about growing my own food, whilst at the same time trying to maximise my results within a limited budget; Straw Bale Gardening offers a solution that is immensly appealing.
    A great idea for introducing vegetable gardening to children as it is clean (no cat poo especially!), and straw bales are an ideal height for kids. The fact is that you can grow a huge range of produce with very little effort & expense by simply utilising straw bales.
    No more heavy digging or struggling against weeds & poor soil, even bugs are not as much of a problem!
    Growing vegetables in Straw Bales is a concept that appeals to many - and for good reason. As it is Possibly the most perfect example of no-dig vegetable gardening. This is indeed not surprising when you consider that it is possibly the only one amongst the contenders of Raised Bed Gardening, Square Foot Gardening, and Container Gardening that truly offers planting with minimal use of even a hand-trowel!
    Like to know more? Here is a brief outline of this books contents...
    1: A full introduction of the Straw Bale gardening technique, explaining in detail why exactly you should consider this system for growing your own healthy vegetables.
    2: Easy to follow instructions on exactly how to lay out your Straw Bales, including where to place them, how to prepare them for growing your vegetables, and how to plant the veggies themselves.
    3: Comprehensive pictures and illustrations. You will find over 20 pictures and illustrations included throughout this book.
    4: Planting tips and techniques for getting the best out of your straw bale gardening efforts, including how to keep destructive insects at bay, and how to create your own 'cold frame' from your straw bale system.
    5: Details on how to grow ten of the most popular vegetables, including planting and growing conditions needed to get the best results.
    Straw Bale Gardening is a system for growing vegetables without the heavy digging and labour involved with traditional gardening systems - maybe it's time for you to check it out and see what the fuss is all about!
    Стоимость 9.45$
    Стоимость всех трех книг 38.13$

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